Thank you Stuart!

Oh yes, you are right on the mark here! I live nowhere near the path of the eclipse. The area I live in received a partial eclipse. However, right at the moment the eclipse began, I was hit with the most horrible feeling. It actually made me nauseous. My plan for the day was to stay indoors, in consultation with Yashua, for the entirety of the eclipse. I was washing dishes and talking to Yashua and not paying much attention to the time. It hit me unaware...I had to look at the clock to see that it had begun. The energy is very heavy still...and this has only just begun. Quite honestly, I have had it with this world and just want to go home...hopefully HE will come get us soon.

Much LOVE and blessings...

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Thank you Stewart. This is brilliant. I learn so much from you.

I initially thought we might go home on a Sabbath in Nisan.

I totally agree that the eclipse is a marker which indicates judgement on America Babylon.

40 days then destruction. Wow. I have been on the narrow way since 1990. I hope I can finally encounter our Lord. It would be nice to go home.

I knew Nazi Germany used the symbol of the black sun, but I never knew the black sun referred to a solar eclipse until you explained it. For the last week or so, I have sensed in my spirit an evil. Please Jesus, direct our steps so we may meet you and come into union with you.

Again, God bless you Stewart.

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I just went thru jeremiah 50 and 51 audio again yesterday, I agree 100 percent! Been watching for our Lord's return for 17 years! Saved since I was 6. Learned all about the rapture and endtimes in Alaska Anchorage Babtist temple. DR Jerry Prevo! Keep pur eyes on Israel folks!

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